Useful links and Information

Invisible Campaign

ManKind Initiative
25 key facts about male domestic abuse

Court orders information
Court orders for domestic abuse victims Reporting Domestic Abuse

Blind LGBT Pride International

Mens Advice Line Gay and Bi male victims of domestic violence

Men share their stories

Cover your tracks

Same Sex Domestic Abuse (End the Fear)

Abused Men


The Adam Project

The Dyn Project

Shrink for Men

Male Survivors Trust

Another Closet (Stories)

Stonewall: Domestic Violence

Stonewall: LAW

Comparing Domestic Abuse in Same Sex and Heterosexual Relationships

Violence & Abuse in Same Sex Relationships

LGBTI Domestic Violence (Acon)

Pink Shield (LGBT Birmingham)

Morningside Recovery (USA, CA)

Preventing Domestic Abuse Crimes

Drug Dangers

Hypnotherapy Directory

CourtSystem Directory (USA)