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Invisible began at University for Bradley Chippington’s Final Major Photography Project. It is built based on his experiences of an exhausting abusive relationship; more information about Bradley can be read on the Who are we page.

During Brad’s research into domestic violence he become increasingly concerned that there were few active campaigns for gay or bi-sexual men so, to tackle this problem he created the Invisible Campaign.

The notion of the Invisible is referring to the invisibility and solitude of the victim(s) whilst in an abusive relationship. Especially in a males case where according to ManKind Initiative “Male victims are nearly twice as likely than women to not tell anyone about the partner abuse”. The invisible refers to being behind closed doors and “invisible” from family and the general public from seeing the abuse happening.

We mention on the videos page a scenario whereby if you saw a man walking down the street with bruises and cuts would you think to yourself, “he’s been up to no good” or would you realise he may be in despair? The invisible is a reflection on the type of campaign Brad created, currently domestic violence is seen as a one gender sided situation. Although there are various campaigns that are beginning to run aimed at male awareness there are still none for gay or bi-sexual men where the percentage of gay or bi-sexual men who suffered partner abuse in 2008/09 is nearly double the number for heterosexual men. So this is an issue that must be addressed.

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